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I offer a fully insured mobile weighing and body condition scoring service  throughout Sussex, Kent and Surrey.


The 'Horse Weigh' weighbridge is the market leading platform which can be used on any terrain, calibrates in seconds and offers unrivalled accuracy

Weighing Services


Why weigh?

The Horse Weigh weighbridge guarantees an accurate weight every time. 

Knowing your horses exact weight is essential for horsebox and trailer payload purposes. Fines and points on your licence  can be issued if you are stopped and found to be over your vehicles payload. 
For knowing the accurate dosage of wormer and veterinary medication.
For calculating feed, grass, hay and haylage amounts.
Reduce hay and feed  wastage.
Monitor your horses heath and peak performance.
Monitor your horses weight gain / loss programme so you can make timely adjustments to their management.
Identify and monitor seasonal weight trends.

Weighbridge V  Weight Tapes

A weighbridge provides accurate weight guaranteed every time.

Weight tapes are notoriously inaccurate.  Its not uncommon for weight tapes to be out by around 50KG out and its not uncommon to see differences of 100 - 150KG.
Make adjusts to your horses management in real-time and to see if your weigh loss / gain programmes are working.
No more guessing!


How often should you weigh?

Ideally 3 times a year (Spring, Summer, Autumn)

Horses on a weigh loss / gain programme should be weighed more frequently to ensure your management and feed routine is working and so you can make timely adjustments.

Weight loss over the winter is essential to ensure they don't gain year on year and to reset hormone levels.

Weight Consultation: Video
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