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Featuring The Horsebox Spa and the Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System


Salt therapy is a100% natural complementary non invasive therapy which can help treat skin, sinus and respiratory conditions.   


The Newmarket Equine Salt Therapy System is the only medically certified device on the market.  The enclosed stable environment mimics the micro climate found in salt caves / mines.  It has proven results and continues to be at the forefront of equine health and well-being. It does not replace veterinary treatment but it is a safe and effective natural drug free alternative or complementary therapy which has seen no contraindications in the equine environment. It is FEI & BHA legal.  



Salt therapy is also known as halotherapy, ‘halos’ being the Greek word for salt. It is said that Hippocrates, who was often referred to as “The Father of Medicine”, recommended salt inhalation as an effective treatment for respiratory illness as far back as 400BC.

Over 2000 years later, research carried out by Polish physician Felix Boczkowski in 1843 discovered that men working in salt mines in Wielicka had fewer respiratory and skin problems than those not exposed to the inhalation of salt dust. Salt mines were also used as bomb shelters in Germany during World War II and it was noted that people inhabiting them showed improvements in any respiratory or allergy conditions they had.

In the 1950s, Eastern European physicians and engineers began replicating the microclimate found in salt mines and founded salt therapy rooms which has led to salt therapy as we know it today.


Dry salt therpy is an aersol not a vapour.  Highly purified medical grade salt is used... 99.9% pure sodium chloride - all impurities have been removed so not inhaled

Wet salt therapy is similar to a nebuilser and does not treat lower repiratory conditions such as asthma and CPOD. This is because the salt particles are fully absorbed water before inhaled.  They are too large to travel into the lungs / lower respiratory system


Salt is dispensed into the mill and expelled as an dry aersol.   The salt particles are 2-4 microns in diameter, by comparison a human hair is 70 microns. They are so tiny that when inhaled it reaches deep inside the lungs healing from within.  Dry salt acts like a sponge absorbing allergens and killing pathogens in the airways and preventing them from travelling deeper into the respiratory system. It also works by making mucus thinner and accelerating the pace of mucus clearance opening the airways. The anti-inflammatory effect of salt opens the airways still further allowing the horse to breathe more easily. As more oxygen enters the body, energy and stamina levels increase enhancing performance, so it’s also ideal as a pre-competition treatment,

Now every horse has some bacteria present in its airways, even the healthiest horse, but accumulation of mucus is something every bacteria in the horses airways is waiting for. There are many reasons why mucus gets too thick and infected, from air quality, hay, bedding (particularly straw and lower quality shavings). If a horse is exposed to allergens such as pollens, moulds, bacteria, mites, etc, it is likely airway inflammation will be present which increases the risk of equine asthma

During therapy the particles of salt covers the skin. Salt therapy not only cleanses from the inside but gives great results on the outside. The skin being the largest organ naturally absorbs the salt, enabling it to assist with alleviating skin issues. The salts natural benefit is purifying, it helps remove bacteria that causes skin irritation reducing any inflammation so helps with the itching that aggravates areas and also improves the circulation of the skin surface, normalises the natural ph balance and the overall well-being of the horse


Promotes overall coat condition and assists in treating skin conditions such as...

Sweet itch


Skin Allergies / Hives & Rashes

Skin Rashes (Bacterial & Fungal)

Mud Fever

Rain scald


Inflammation is reduced and excess mucus cleared from the lungs helping to treat and alleviate the symptoms of


Winter Coughs



Performance, stamina & energy levels increase

Improves cardiovascular function by increasing oxygen capacity and making breathing easier

Removes pathogen agents (airborne pollen)

Increases the resistance to respiratory tract disease by killing harmful bacteria


Strengthens the immune system and supports horses to combat allergies and infections

Reduces inflammatory response

Improves overall well being of the horse


Initial salt therapy treatment usually takes the form of three 20-minute sessions over three consecutive days. Subsequent 20-minute top up sessions can then take place depending on the individual horse’s needs. Salt therapy is suitable for horses and ponies of all shapes and sizes. 


An enclosed stable.  If your stable has windows or no top door you can pin rug rugs or plastic sheeting to block the gaps and to contain the salt.  

I have a power station that the unit can run off so don't worry if you don't have electricity



Fully Insured
Trained and Accredited by Darrell Torrens, Founder of the Newmarket Salt Therapy System.



£45 per 20 min session including travel charge on area days

For skin and respiratory issues

3 to 5 initial sessions over consecutive days is recommended. 

This is then followed by monthly 'top ups' during your horses 'trigger' season(s)

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