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Founded by myself in November 2018, The Horsebox Spa is a mobile equine spa studio.  This is a brand new service and an industry first. 

I've been a passionate equestrian all my life, a horse owner for over 20 years and is BHS Stage 3 qualified.  After 9 years at at home, a field with no mains water or electrics and having just endured the winter of 2017/2018, one of the longest and coldest in decades, the thought of another without the little luxury of hot wash facilities triggered the initial idea.  I knew she wasn't alone and that the vast majority of yards don't have spa facilities.  On social media too it was evident that other equestrians were experiencing the same with countless posts asking where they could take their horses for a hot shower and solarium.  

Whilst some yards hire out their spa facilities, that requires you taking your horse to them.  First there's the issue of transport - sourcing it and the cost if you don't have your own.  Then there's the time spent travelling and waiting while your horse is bathed, dried, groomed and clipped.  In winter especially when days are short, time is not a luxury many equestrians have.  Now when you consider that every equine service from the vet, the farrier, the dentist to the physio goes direct to the horse... then why not the spa?  

In March 2018 the need for this new equine service was evident enough for me to take the risk.  I quit my job in the City and the concept of an equine spa evolved into a fully customised mobile studio, capable of operating 100% off grid without compromising the services of a mains powered facility.  What's more, as an industry first The Horsebox Spa isn't bound by preconceptions of services giving me free rein to create a sensory spa experience around the traditional services you'd expect. 

"I'm incredibly excited to bring the spa facilities typically offered by 5* yards  directly to equestrians like myself, to both their home yards and events.  As well as the many practical benefits of the spa, The Horsebox Spa promises to be a truly luxurious sensory soother."