To prevent your horse getting chilly, I bath the body last so they do't stand around wet for longer than is necessary.  Whilst I bath their tail, legs, face, mane & neck etc, please provide a warm spare rug for them to wear.   A medium weight stable or turnout rug is ideal and it should not be the same rug your horse will wear that night as it will get wet!


Unclipped areas of a horses winter coat can take 5-6 hrs to dry naturally in the winter.   If you don't opt for a blow drying treatment then you will need  plenty of warm layers to keep warm whilst they dry off. 

If multiple horses on your yard are being bathed, the hairiest horses should go first to give them enough time to dry before the eve.


Allow enough time to ensure your horse is dry and changed into a dry rug before being stabled or turned out for the night


For their welfare, I don't bath unclipped horses over the over the age of 25 in cold weather unless they are having a blow dry treatment..    


Not all treatments require electricity but for those that do, this is highlighted next to each treatment on the 'Spa Treatments' page.

For yards without electricity you can hire the spa generator for a minimal charge of £3 per 30 mins to cover its fuel costs.  This amount is displayed next to each treatment on the 'Spa Treatmentss' page


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