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Ticehurst, East Sussex

The Horsebox Spa is a trading name for The Horsebox Spa Ltd, registered in England and Wales with company number 11294696, VAT number 305589296
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The Horsebox Spa is committed to the highest standards of bio security, parasitic control and hygiene.  We practice the following measures as standard: 

  • Arrive onsite with clean equipment and footwear.

  • Hands disinfected and outer clothes changed between yards/locations.

  • If a sponge is required a new sponge is used for every horse which is then yours to keep. 

  • Internal and external working areas including wheels are disinfected between locations using Virkon S, a DEFRA approved broad spectrum disinfectant known to kill over 500 strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi

  • Clipper blades are sterilized between horses  

  • All equipment including massage pad cleaned after every use using Virkon S (disinfectant) and Deosect (insecticide)

  • Towels and microfibre dry rugs are individually bagged after every use and steamed for 30mins; hot machine washed using Clear Round (antibacterial and anti-fungal agent); steam ironed.

  • Massage pad straps are steam ironed at the end of each working day.

  • If you prefer we use your horses own towels and rugs that's not a problem, please provide and let me know upon arrival.

  • We request clients provide their horses own grooming kit

  • We will always leave our work area clean and tidy before we go.  We ask that yards provide tools for picking up hair and droppings.  For obvious bio security reasons this must be disposed of on site and can not be taken away by us.

  • If your horse has contagious disease or parasitic condition or if you think you may have come into recent contact with a horse with a contiguous disease please let me know as soon as possible prior to your appointment.